Sounds Of Stratford


Sounds Of Stratford


Repeat: Monday 6pm, Wednesday, 9am, Friday 6am, Sunday 4pm

Playing all the sounds of Stratford

Tori Rushton’s show is called “Sounds of Stratford” featuring local artists with tracks, live sessions, interviews and what’s on in the music scene. The show is to help to link, share, develop and inspire local musicians and music lovers in the community.

A great way to know what’s going on in the local music scene ,to generate a network of musical talents from the ones just starting up to the more experienced and to have a go at the “Live Sessions” for anyone who wishes to share their songs to us all.

Gives the local people in the music industry, not only musicians but promoters, event organisers, recording studios the opportunity to be interviewed and share their stories and life experiences.


Tori Rushton

Tori Rushton is a home grown musician from Stratford Upon Avon, has been a cellist since the age of seven and now has over 25 years of professional experience. She studied all grades with distinction level, then travelled to Paris Conservatoire to study master classes with leading cellists and musicians worldwide. Played with the Paris Symphony Orchestra and many others and collaborated and performed with a variety of string quartets and chamber music. She says: “I always wanted to venture into other styles of music with my cello and during my time in Paris I met and was influenced and later played with different musicians in Jazz, punk, rock and folk. I worked for two contemporary dance companies where depending on the show I would play a diverse range of different styles to suit. And then just for fun I played in a rock band and bars at night using an electric pick up and a distortion pedal on my 200 year old Baroque cello. Crazy amazing years! I now have an electric cello where I use all kinds of pedals !” Tori teaches mainly cello but also guitar and double bass to all ages and levels. She does session work in recording studios, works in musical theatres, plays in different set ups, duos, trios and bands playing all kinds of genres. Volunteers for different events in the community sharing her music and talents to a variety of groups. She is also a Musical Director and promoter and is involved in many music projects in and around Stratford upon Avon, organising Festivals, Live Music events and runs the Stratford Folk Club. Tori gives Stratford Upon Avon a live music scene with all her creative efforts.