Stratford SoundSpace


Stratford SoundSpace

FRIDAY 9 - 10pm

Repeats: Tuesday 8am, Wenesday 8pm, Sunday 4pm

Stratford SoundSpace is an outlet for young people to relax, dance and speculate. Whether you want to jam out to new music, hear interviews with musicians, listen to reviews of upcoming films and games or you just want to listen to some friendly discussion, Stratford SoundSpace delivers it all. Join your hosts, Ayesha, Lewis, Deanna, Benji and Sam for a new episode every Friday!



Ayesha Ward

Hi my name is Ayesha I’m a 17 year old media student at Stratford college. I have an interest in Film and TV production in general as well as animation. I also have an interest in listening to and analysing different genres of music.







Lewis Hawkins

Hi I’m Lewis Hawkins, I’m a 16 year old media student who’s loves are TV and music. I could spend hours learning about every artist from the seventies and eighties just as I could spend hours talking about them, but I promise I’ll try my best not to do that on our show.






Deanna Smith

Hello my name is Deanna I am 19 years old and I love all things media! I am a big fan of musicals and music in general so when I am not working or catching up on TV I will always be listening and singing to music!





Benji Rhodes

Hey! My name is Benji and I only just moved to Stratford just over a year ago. Taking the media course at Stratford College is where I discovered my passion for broadcasting. I love video games, drawing and Ariana Grande.






Sam Keffury

My name is Sam Keffury, I'm 19 and I'm a media student. I enjoy playing guitar, video games, listening to music and radio. I love radio and podcasts because they're an outlet for conversing, learning and sharing new ideas, something that's always been very exciting to me.