Soots and Sweets


Soots and Sweets

FRIDAY 7 - 8pm

Repeats Tuesday 11am, Thursday 6am, Sunday 5pm

Paul and May

Paul and MayWelcome to our progamme page.

We are husband and wife team Soots and Sweets, otherwise known as Paul and May.

We just love the 60s and 70s music scene. We were both born in the 60s and have both grown up with the music being a huge part of our lives.

Our show is all about the music and having fun. Our mastermind quiz questions normally confuse everyone including us!

It’s all part of the fun that we think makes our show unique. If you like us tell, your friends and come and join us for the music on Friday evenings at 7.

We also have our own individual shows on Welcombe Radio on Saturday mornings. You can hear The May Hines Show at 9am and Rock with Soots at 10am