Rock with Soots


Rock with Soots


Repeats Monday 8pm, Wednesday 5pm, Sunday 6am


Paul 'Soots' Hines

I trained as an engineer, then worked for thirty two years on the Underground in London. Working on the trains was grimy business and when I came home with a face as dirty as a chimney sweep my Dad gave me the nickname 'Soots'. It stuck and today even my children call me Soots instead of Dad.

My first love in music is rock music, of course, you can see that from the name of the programme. But I also like classical music and musicals.

I play the piano and the drums. In my younger days I played the church organ for weddings and services. I like badminton and football and fast motorcycles and choppers such as Harley Davidsons. My favourite weather is thunder storms and heavy rain - nature's drum kit!!!

I wanted to join a radio station as I've never done it before and I get to play rock, which is fab! Also I wanted to learn a new skill and give something back to the local community.