Music Masters


Music Masters


Bruno and CharlieAimed At All Developing Musicians

Our program is aimed at developing musicians, helping them build their own individual pathway, their genera or musical taste.  Each week will have a different theme and guest artists of all ages and backgrounds will talk about their background, style, instruments, composing and general love of all things music.

Text in before / during or after the show on 07948208631 or 07818846776.





Charlie PettyCharlie Petty

I am a song writer and music enthusiast. I trained in teaching special needs students to explore their musical upper-hand possibilities that they are supported by their unique position in their "disability". I like to perform music in bands and love to help friends with almost anything. I can play multiple instruments mainly lead guitar. I like all arts and I am interested in helping people with all music, drawing, martial arts, line dancing and salsa, book writing, knitting, sewing, crocheting, intricate transforming cosplay props, and general understanding of a limitless imagination



I come from Sheffield. I have always been interested in many different genera of music. This includes rock, folk, reggae, metal and musicals. I have performed at the Bear Pit Theater and the RSC and performed in six different bands playing the double base and the drums.

I work with the MENCAP drama team and enjoy taking part in Intre Theater. Charlie and I have been friends for a few years and enjoy working on the programme together.