Makes Sense


Makes Sense

Makes Sense is currently off-air but keep checking back, Julia will return to Welcombe Radio soon.

A soundtrack to your life

'Your stories, your music'

Each one of us has a story to tell, the story of our life.  Music helps evoke memories and travels with us through our lives. Our stories hold a magic, when told they help us to make sense of our lives and the act of telling them can be very healing. They remind us of things we have forgotten, adventures that have remained untold, and tales that inspire others. They also give us a great sense of community which is a very precious thing.

If you would like to come on the programme or know someone who would, email me, I'd love to hear from you.  Think of music that has inspired you during your life and start to imagine telling your story.


 Julia Hart

I'm Julia, I was born in London, moved to Northamptonshire when I was three and stayed there until going to university.  I then worked in London for ten years until I started to question what I was doing.  I wanted to know more about myself and what life is about. It has brought me on a journey of coming back to my senses, using my senses to make sense of everything.  Making sense of myself.

I have lived in Canada and Australia and whilst going through the immigration process I realised how cathartic it was having to write my life down and put it in order.  It made me realise why people write auto biographies.  It helps us make sense of our lives.Travelling also taught me how important community is.  I came to live in Warwickshire in 2009 and being part of the community is precious to me.
My grandfather Rupert was an amazing story teller and I still remember the stories he told. Our lives, our stories are so precious and so interesting.  I love listening to people's stories.  This has led me to this radio programme which is about your lives and your music. However you want to tell it with whatever music has moved you I would love to hear your story.