18 in the 80s


18 in the 80s


Every Saturday morning from 10am Mike Took plays music from the decade that defined a generation and between the records delves into the Stratford Arts scene to see what's going on in the town this weekend.

There's special guests in the studio talking about their events, local artists performing live 80's music & poetry and chat about what's going on in Mike's own creative world.

Send your event details, poetry submissions or 80's music requests (with accompanying anecdotes) to 18inthe80s@scriptstuff.co.uk,  Or just get in touch to say hello!


Mike TookMike Took

Mike Took is a writer and performer who has lived in Warwickshire all his life.  He went to college in Stratford and has worked in and around the local area for years.  He is a multi-optioned screenplay writer, a performance poet and a rock singer.  He is also the Editor of the UK-based poetry news and events website WriteOutLoud.net.  Every year his work takes him to exciting places like the Cannes Film Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe, not to mention the glamour of the Leicester Comedy festival where he is an Awards Panel judge!  Mike is thoroughly immersed in the Arts and Culture scene in and around Warwickshire and is always keen to attend, promote or perform at the myriad of events that take place in this part of the world.